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NM2208 Assignment 5: Infograpic


The infographic assignment we had to do revolved around the theme of Climate Change. I decided to talk about acid rain and the consequences. Acid rain is truly an alarming issue as it has the ability to destroy sea life, plants, harm humans and also buildings and statues. Below is my infographic.

Acid Rain

1. Firstly, the class said that the perspective of my inforgraphic is a little warped, specifically because of the fish.
2. The skull in the word ‘acid’ should be made bigger so that people will read it as Acid instead of ‘Cid’.
3. I also feel that the amount of information my infographic carries is a little of the small side.

After some changes and consulations with Jing, I came up with this final prototype.

Infographic final

Infographic final


NM2208 Assignment 4: Color Exploration

For this assignment, we had to create a postcard with the theme being Travel. I decided against doing something that shows the tangible aspects of traveling such as showing postcards, visas, luggage or the souveniers from different countries. Instead, i decided to show universal gestures that everyone in the world would know. I used the whispering, shouting and speaking colour schemes. Take a look at my work below to see what I mean.

Different colour explorations.

1st column: Speaking colours
2nd column: Shouting colours
3rd column: Whispering colours

I chose the colour scheme above as I felt that the colours are able to blend in the black sufficiently, yet at the same time stand out due to the contrast with the black background.

1. The class felt that instead of my chosen postcard, they prefer the middle one in the top row and the left one in the bottom row. They feel that these two are more clean and the colours are able to stand out more.
2. For the text ‘Universal Gestures’, they feel that it is too obvious and it seems to be ‘shouting’ at the audience.

NM2208 Assignment 3: U C What I C

For this assignment, my concept revolved around a make up tutorial. I chose to do this concept as I have a huge interest in makeup. Below is my work.

My story is about how a girl had a friend who was very interested in makeup and constantly encouraged Girl A to try makeup. However, Girl A constantly rejected her friend. One day,  she resolved to finally trying makeup. The next day, Girl A and her friend met up. Her friend was shocked to see that Girl A had makeup on and she seemed to have had a makeover. When Girls A’s friend asked her what happened, Girl A revealed that she has been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. On top of that, the makeup tutorial was done by a guy.

1. Tutorial mates mentioned how the distinction between the two different days weren’t shown that well. They had a hard time telling the time perspective of my story at first.
2. They felt that the colours were too similar in nature and felt that the first 4 frames could have a different colour to show a different day.
3. The shaping of my pictures could have been done differently to give certain scenes more emphasis, such as in scene 6.

NM2208 Assignment 2: Abstraction Process


For this class assignment, we had to carry out a process of abstraction on two prominent figures. The catch is, we have to manipulate the prominent figures such that they are interacting in some way.

I chose to incorporate Hitler and Kim Jong Il. The main reason for this choice is because these are two of the leaders whom I dislike a lot. Hitler killed millions of the innocent due to his warped mindset of purging the imperfect people. Kim Jong Il recently stirred trouble with its brother, South Korea. This action actually ruined my plans of going to SK for an exchange this summer, which I’m still bummed about :/ But anyways, I figured that it would be kind of funny if I made these two high five each other and give the maniac smirks to represent how both of them are similar (in terms of warped mentalities) and how they both seem to enjoy stirring up trouble.

Hitler and Kim Jong Il

Below is the 5 step process of abstraction.

For the first step, I basically drew out all the details from the source picture.

In the second step, I removed the wrinkles and details and such

3rd: I mended the positioning of the two characters and their hands and removed even more details of the faces

4th: I retained the characters’ prominent features (moustache for Hitler and glasses for KJI) and removed everything else.

5th: I added huge grins on both characters’ faces to put across my message better (they are manic leaders with warped mentalities). With these two having infamous reputations, the huge grin really brings out the craziness of these two people.

Critiques: The class felt that I should remove the diagonal structure of the two characters (i.e. Hitler being slightly higher than KJI). They also suggested me enlarging Hitler’s and KJI’s face to further abstract the design.

Nm2208 Assignment 1: Final Prototype + Critiques

Below is an image of my final prototype.

Final Prototype

This design uses much brighter colours to attract the audience’s attention even more. I also integrated my name into the shape of a brain to show my hypnotised state of brain when I am engrossed in doing things. I also drew my eyes and gave it the hypnotized effect to provide a more literal representation of my concept. Behind the ‘brain’, is a whirlwind to represent how my engrossment ‘sucks’ me into this state of hypnosis.

From the previous post, I wrote down a general direction I was going to take after hearing what my tutorial mates and tutor had to say about my roughs. Below are explanations plus another round of critiques my tutorial mates made about these changes.

1. Colour

Instead of the rather neutral black and white, I’ve decided to use a bright orange and yellow, with gradient to give it a more 3D effect. For the whirlwind, I played around with gradient to give it more definition and to create attention towards it. Since it is in the background, it is a little difficult for it to gain attention, hence the gradient.

I also used the hypnosis ‘swirls’ on my brain and eyes to give it more conformity and relationship.

Critique – The colour choice this time was appreciated by many of my tutorial mates. They feel that this attracts more attention than my previous roughs. However, they felt that my eyes were too static and that my hypnosis state wasn’t being fully represented here.

2. Integration of text into design

To integrate my name into the design, I designed my name in the shape of a brain. I used the image of a brain to show a more obvious relationship between my hypnosis state I get to and the activities that I am doing.

Critique: The class was on two sides regarding the success of the text integration. According to some, I successfully integrated the text with the design as they could see the brain outline. However, some couldn’t see the brain outline, rendering the text integration a failure.

Nm2208 Assignment 1: Critiques for Roughs

My tutorial mates and tutor provided critiques to both my rough sketches. I will elaborate on the critiques below. Also, from all the critiques, I will provide a general idea for my final prototype.

Rough 1: Immersed



According to my tutorial mates and tutor, this design did not really integrate the words into the design. The two words ‘Immersed’ and ‘Shireen’ are simply side by side, making it a tad too static. Also, they commented on the colour choice, saying that more colours would be better as it could attract the audience’s attention even more. Finally, the goggles was not represented to the best of it’s ability. In fact, to a few of them, it looked more like a factory rather than a goggle.

Rough 2: Hypnosis



The comments for this design are pretty similar to the first rough with regards to the design integration and the colour choice. My tutor personally preferred the first rough – Immersed to this as the concept for the immersed was more interesting to her. This design is too static as it does not fully represent my hypnotic state when I’m engrossed with something as there are no other images to support this design.

Direction for final prototype:

For the final prototype, I will try and incorporate more colours instead of sticking to black and white. I will try to portray the engrossed idea with more brighter colours. I will also show what it is that makes me hypnotized to give the design more depth and help the audience understand the design a little better.

Nm2208 class exercise B

This is a self-portrait of a recognized fictional character, an Avatar, in a forest. With the presence of weird looking plants, the surrounding background reflects that of a foreign world as well. The colours of the picture focus on a greenish/bluish hue.

Based on the background, we can gather that the forest is his home and he is a native there. The colours of the background and character are quite similar thus, signifying their close relationship with each other. From the picture, we can also decipher that the character, a hunter (judging from his dressing), is very reliant on the forest.

In terms of trying to reflect the life of the character, it is relatively successful as the character seems to blend in with the surroundings. If the aim of the picture is to promote the movie, it is a successful advertisement. It is able to convey to the target audience the setting of the movie. However, the Avatar was not given a personality, judging from his static facial expression.