NM2208 Assignment 5: Infograpic


The infographic assignment we had to do revolved around the theme of Climate Change. I decided to talk about acid rain and the consequences. Acid rain is truly an alarming issue as it has the ability to destroy sea life, plants, harm humans and also buildings and statues. Below is my infographic.

Acid Rain

1. Firstly, the class said that the perspective of my inforgraphic is a little warped, specifically because of the fish.
2. The skull in the word ‘acid’ should be made bigger so that people will read it as Acid instead of ‘Cid’.
3. I also feel that the amount of information my infographic carries is a little of the small side.

After some changes and consulations with Jing, I came up with this final prototype.

Infographic final

Infographic final


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