NM2208 Assignment 4: Color Exploration

For this assignment, we had to create a postcard with the theme being Travel. I decided against doing something that shows the tangible aspects of traveling such as showing postcards, visas, luggage or the souveniers from different countries. Instead, i decided to show universal gestures that everyone in the world would know. I used the whispering, shouting and speaking colour schemes. Take a look at my work below to see what I mean.

Different colour explorations.

1st column: Speaking colours
2nd column: Shouting colours
3rd column: Whispering colours

I chose the colour scheme above as I felt that the colours are able to blend in the black sufficiently, yet at the same time stand out due to the contrast with the black background.

1. The class felt that instead of my chosen postcard, they prefer the middle one in the top row and the left one in the bottom row. They feel that these two are more clean and the colours are able to stand out more.
2. For the text ‘Universal Gestures’, they feel that it is too obvious and it seems to be ‘shouting’ at the audience.


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