NM2208 Assignment 3: U C What I C

For this assignment, my concept revolved around a make up tutorial. I chose to do this concept as I have a huge interest in makeup. Below is my work.

My story is about how a girl had a friend who was very interested in makeup and constantly encouraged Girl A to try makeup. However, Girl A constantly rejected her friend. One day,  she resolved to finally trying makeup. The next day, Girl A and her friend met up. Her friend was shocked to see that Girl A had makeup on and she seemed to have had a makeover. When Girls A’s friend asked her what happened, Girl A revealed that she has been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. On top of that, the makeup tutorial was done by a guy.

1. Tutorial mates mentioned how the distinction between the two different days weren’t shown that well. They had a hard time telling the time perspective of my story at first.
2. They felt that the colours were too similar in nature and felt that the first 4 frames could have a different colour to show a different day.
3. The shaping of my pictures could have been done differently to give certain scenes more emphasis, such as in scene 6.


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