Nm2208 class exercise E

In this class exercise, we had to use lines and dots to try to express certain words that were given to us.  Andrea and I chose the words ‘Fear’ and ‘Chaos’.


The huge thing is actually suppose to be some scary monster trying to eat the small thing on the bottom left hand corner which is suppose to be a tiny fearful creature.  We used straight, angular and stiff lines to portray angst of the monster and curvy smooth lines to portray fear of the tiny creature (We were trying to tap on the idea that your lines turn jelly when you’re scared).


n this picture, we were trying to show two people arguing with each other and thus causing chaos.  The two black triangular things are suppose to represent heads and again, we used straight, stiff and angular lines to portray the angst that both parties have.  The colourful mess all over the picture is suppose to represent the exchange of unpleasant words between both of them.


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