Nm2208 class exercise D

For Class Exercise D, we had to experiment with different camera angles which could possibly affect the feel of a photograph.  I went to Andrea’s house for this assignment and we took pictures of the potted plant outside her house.

General View to allow the audience to establish some background information about the plant (e.g. What is this plant? Where is the potted plant situated at? What is its overall look of this plant?)

High Angle Shot. I would say that this is a mid-shot from a high angle (from the perspective of a human looking down at the plant or a flying insect).

Low Angle Shot to make the plant seem “high and mighty” (Perhaps from the perspective of an insect on the floor?).

Point-of-View Shot to reflect what an insect would probably see if it landed on that leaf on the bottom of the picture.

Close-up Shot to highlight the funky and weird details of the plant’s middle point.

Another Close-up Shot to showcase the funky and furry looking lines at the bottom of the leaf.



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