NM2208 Assignment 2: Abstraction Process


For this class assignment, we had to carry out a process of abstraction on two prominent figures. The catch is, we have to manipulate the prominent figures such that they are interacting in some way.

I chose to incorporate Hitler and Kim Jong Il. The main reason for this choice is because these are two of the leaders whom I dislike a lot. Hitler killed millions of the innocent due to his warped mindset of purging the imperfect people. Kim Jong Il recently stirred trouble with its brother, South Korea. This action actually ruined my plans of going to SK for an exchange this summer, which I’m still bummed about :/ But anyways, I figured that it would be kind of funny if I made these two high five each other and give the maniac smirks to represent how both of them are similar (in terms of warped mentalities) and how they both seem to enjoy stirring up trouble.

Hitler and Kim Jong Il

Below is the 5 step process of abstraction.

For the first step, I basically drew out all the details from the source picture.

In the second step, I removed the wrinkles and details and such

3rd: I mended the positioning of the two characters and their hands and removed even more details of the faces

4th: I retained the characters’ prominent features (moustache for Hitler and glasses for KJI) and removed everything else.

5th: I added huge grins on both characters’ faces to put across my message better (they are manic leaders with warped mentalities). With these two having infamous reputations, the huge grin really brings out the craziness of these two people.

Critiques: The class felt that I should remove the diagonal structure of the two characters (i.e. Hitler being slightly higher than KJI). They also suggested me enlarging Hitler’s and KJI’s face to further abstract the design.


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