Nm2208 class exercise C

Class Exercise C was all about the process of abstraction.  Andrea and I decided to make use of a parking coupon we found at the lecture theatre seat next to us.

Parking coupon we picked up from the lecture theatre

Below’s the abstraction process:

Abstraction process: Step 1

In this step, we changed the lion symbol to a simple oval shape, and removed the texts from the top, bottom, right side and in the boxes.  We removed the grey-ish parking symbol that was in the background in the ‘Day’ box.

Abstraction Process: Step #2

Here, we got rid of even more redundant texts and boxes.

Abstration Process: Step #3

We removed all the numbers from the small perforated circles.

Abstraction Process: Step #4

The huge boxes that bounded the perforated circles were removed.  We reduced the number of circles and also coloured a few circles to let it seem like some of numbers were torn off the parking coupon already.

Abstraction Process, Step #5

In this final abstraction, we deleted even more perforated circles to just 4 circles and enlarged them.  The perforated circles are kind of the main “feature” of a parking coupon and thus we wanted to bring more attention to it.  As seen in all the various steps, we removed all the redundant boxes but kept the 50¢ box there all along.  We felt that if it was removed, the final abstraction would look like a domino block.  Afterall, a parking coupon is somehow an indirect way of making payment and hence, we decided to retain a money-element in our final abstraction.


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