Nm2208 Assignment 1: Final Prototype + Critiques

Below is an image of my final prototype.

Final Prototype

This design uses much brighter colours to attract the audience’s attention even more. I also integrated my name into the shape of a brain to show my hypnotised state of brain when I am engrossed in doing things. I also drew my eyes and gave it the hypnotized effect to provide a more literal representation of my concept. Behind the ‘brain’, is a whirlwind to represent how my engrossment ‘sucks’ me into this state of hypnosis.

From the previous post, I wrote down a general direction I was going to take after hearing what my tutorial mates and tutor had to say about my roughs. Below are explanations plus another round of critiques my tutorial mates made about these changes.

1. Colour

Instead of the rather neutral black and white, I’ve decided to use a bright orange and yellow, with gradient to give it a more 3D effect. For the whirlwind, I played around with gradient to give it more definition and to create attention towards it. Since it is in the background, it is a little difficult for it to gain attention, hence the gradient.

I also used the hypnosis ‘swirls’ on my brain and eyes to give it more conformity and relationship.

Critique – The colour choice this time was appreciated by many of my tutorial mates. They feel that this attracts more attention than my previous roughs. However, they felt that my eyes were too static and that my hypnosis state wasn’t being fully represented here.

2. Integration of text into design

To integrate my name into the design, I designed my name in the shape of a brain. I used the image of a brain to show a more obvious relationship between my hypnosis state I get to and the activities that I am doing.

Critique: The class was on two sides regarding the success of the text integration. According to some, I successfully integrated the text with the design as they could see the brain outline. However, some couldn’t see the brain outline, rendering the text integration a failure.


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