Nm2208 Assignment 1: Critiques for Roughs

My tutorial mates and tutor provided critiques to both my rough sketches. I will elaborate on the critiques below. Also, from all the critiques, I will provide a general idea for my final prototype.

Rough 1: Immersed



According to my tutorial mates and tutor, this design did not really integrate the words into the design. The two words ‘Immersed’ and ‘Shireen’ are simply side by side, making it a tad too static. Also, they commented on the colour choice, saying that more colours would be better as it could attract the audience’s attention even more. Finally, the goggles was not represented to the best of it’s ability. In fact, to a few of them, it looked more like a factory rather than a goggle.

Rough 2: Hypnosis



The comments for this design are pretty similar to the first rough with regards to the design integration and the colour choice. My tutor personally preferred the first rough – Immersed to this as the concept for the immersed was more interesting to her. This design is too static as it does not fully represent my hypnotic state when I’m engrossed with something as there are no other images to support this design.

Direction for final prototype:

For the final prototype, I will try and incorporate more colours instead of sticking to black and white. I will try to portray the engrossed idea with more brighter colours. I will also show what it is that makes me hypnotized to give the design more depth and help the audience understand the design a little better.


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