Nm2208 Assignment 1: Design Process

Below are four sketches that I came up with for the Assignment 1. Assignment 1 required us to come up with 4 sketches and 2 roughs of designs which represented who we are.

Sketch 1. Love for writing

I enjoy writing articles, especially for magazine articles. I find it extremely liberating and therapeutic. I incorporated the letters to my name with newspaper templates. I also drew a typewriter with the alphabets flying out to suggest how much I enjoy writing.

Love for writing

Sketch 2. Engrossed when doing something

Whenever I do something, I get really engrossed in it. It doesn’t only apply to things that I have interests in, but any activities in general. When i make up my mind to do something. I will go through with it till the end. The sketch below consists of my name and swirls in it. The swirls is supposed to represent ‘hypnosis’ stage that I get into whenever I’m immersed in whatever I’m doing.

Engrossed when I do something

Sketch 3. Love for Technology

Technology is a big part of my life. Many of my old activities that I religiously carried out in the past, such as watching television, reading newspapers and many more have been replaced by the wonders of technology. Now, I cannot live a day without checking Twitter, Yahoo! News, Facebook and many more. Below are representations of technological things that I am unable to live without.

Love for Techonology

Love for Techonology

Sketch 4. Calm and Collected Attitude

I am a generally calm and collected person. I do not get flustered or stressed very easily. I am an optimistic person who believes that things will always work out as long as I give it my all. Below is supposed to be a design which incorporated the element of wind and my name.

Calm and Collected Attitude

Calm and Collected Attitude

I decided to go ahead with the ‘engrossed’ concept and further develop it into ‘Immersed’ and ‘Hypnotized’. Both generally mean the same thing, where I get so engrossed in doing things that I get so immersed in my thoughts that my mind gets sucked into this never ending abyss of hypnosis.

Rough 1. Immersed

This design incorporates two words – ‘Immersed’ and my name, ‘Shireen’. The idea behind this comes from the idea that I get extremely immersed in thoughts when I  am carrying out activities. The setting is under water, and the two words are supposed to be enclosed within a diving goggle. This is a literal representation of the word ‘Immersed’. The colours I’ve chosen to use are neutral shades of black and white. I did not use bright colours because I wanted to emphasize the dullness of hypnosis and bright colours may distract the audience from focusing on the deep meaning behind this design.



Rough 2: Hypnosis

The design below is an incorporation of the vision one sees when he is hypnotized and my name. This incorporation stems from the idea that this is what goes through my mind whenever I am carrying out activities. Again, it is black and white to aid in the optical illusion effect of this design.




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